About this site

This site has been created to educate and assist with computer related issues, it is for the novice, not the expert, and will cover many topics in the future, those list below are just a few.

So you are surfing the internet, when suddenly your computer stops working, you have a virus. How do you prevent them? antivirus software, and being conscience as to where you surf.There are multiple anti-virus software packages that you can review via this link. Note, if you can find these in your local computer store these are what you want to install on your computer. Please be aware that there are some viruses posing as anti-virus software.
Many of you have been infected by the FBI virus, and other variants, our government will not extort mony from us by asking you to pay a fine, if you were doing somethng illegal you would have been arrested. Be aware of the sites you visit, what you download when is sent to you by email (if in doupt delete, don't read). Many of these virus attacks are from abroad, and some may imminate from your back yard, be vigilant by asking questions from the compay you purchased your anti-virus software from. Don't get upset with your ISP if you get a virus, it is your responsibility to safeguard your computer.

Email is now used commonly as an everyday form of communications, how every many do not know who provides, or controls their email. There is alos a misconception as to how to access email. If you use many of the free email providers, (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo ect..) know that these are accessed via the web, you can for the most part access these via Smartphones, Iphones,3rd party email applications, such as Micosoft outlook, MAC mail, ThunderBird and a host of others, these applications were developed by their namesakes and first response for troubleshooting should be them. Know the Protocols your want to use with these various programs and devices such weather to use POP3 or IMAP, what your SMTP server name is, the type ports used be it the defaults or SSL, TLS ect. Also know how to backup, export and import your contacts in the event you decide to switch providers. Here is an article that explains these settings.

Remote assistance is a way to help friends, family and company users to correct most problems that does not require hardware replacement, however know who you give control to your computer to. companies do not just call you up and ask they want to control your computer, unless you have an issue that you called in and it is either the company that setup your computer and you ISP 'Don't Do it!'